Tira Dickens, from Ormond Beach, FL.


I had my spiritual healing by Coach Kira on 3/09/2023 and through my dedication to the process I was in need of a double lung and kidney transplant I received my blessing on 5/08/2023. I no longer need to have the surgery I am now stable and doing very well. I trusted the process and listened to the Holy Sprite to guide you me.

Katherine S.

Stay-at-home Mom

I was struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem. Then I found Boho Women Lifestyle Over 40's and Coach Kira services. They helped me regain my confidence and find joy in my everyday life again. I am grateful for their loving support and guidance.

Samantha Morris

Retired Teacher

I was feeling lost and confused after my retirement, not sure about the purpose of my life ahead. Then I found Boho Women Lifestyle Over 40! Their courses revitalized my spirit and Coach Kira took me in and teaching me how to embrace my current stage of life, they've truly given me a sense of empowerment.

Sandra T.


Self’s Foundation Mastery has taken my life to a new level. I feel empowered and spiritually awakened. Their life courses have instilled in me a renewed sense of purpose and a stronger mental resilience. I am living a healthier and happier life now thanks to their coaching.

Elena Rodriguez, Texas


Coach Kira is a gift and blesses anyone and everyone she touches. I had the honor of meeting Natalie Betancourt at the end of 2022, and immediately knew she was a light here to brighten this world. Natalie joined a few of my groups and we became friends on social media. She took notice of a time in my life where I had gotten sick and wasn't feeling well at all. She reached out to me and asked if she could do a healing prayer session over me and I agreed. I knew her intentions were pure and God had blessed her with a very special gift. After just one session with Coach Kira, so much in my life changed, and I was no longer in pain. She pulled many things to the surface that I had buried for so long that were manifesting as illness within my body. Coach Kira helped me to recognize these things, and heal through them. By doing this work, not only was my body healed physically, my heart was also healed emotionally. I, personally, do not believe in accidents or coincidences, so I know Natalie and I were to meet in God's timing. I do believe in miracles and I can say with Natalie's gift, I am proof God's miracles do still exist. I highly recommend Coach Kira if you are struggling in any area of your life and you have a belief that God can work through Earth Angels...because she is one of them walking amongst us.

Mary L.

Retired Professional

This website is not just for the spiritual but for anyone wanting to find a meaningful path in life. Their coaching and courses have helped me embrace the beauty of life even at 40+ and brought so much positive energy into my life.

Alice W.

Yoga Instructor

In my journey of self-development and spiritual growth, Boho Women Lifestyle Over 40 has been my guiding light. They have given me the tools to delve into my inner self and find peace and empowerment.

Rebecca Hill

Life-long Homemaker

I've been a homemaker all my life, so when my children left home and I felt empty. I needed guidance and that's just what Boho Women Lifestyle Over 40 provided. Through their spiritual coaching, my life has new purpose and I feel reconnected with my authentic self.

Nancy Patterson


My high-pressure career had left me feeling drained and disconnected from myself. Boho Women Lifestyle Over 40 helped me recover. Their mental health coaching guided me towards a more holistic mindset. I can't thank them enough for helping me find my peace again.

Amelia Richards


As an artist, I am always searching for inspiration and deep connection. After taking a course from Boho Women Lifestyle Over 40, I've not only found spiritual growth but also new ways to channel my creativity. This platform truly embraces and caters to the needs of women like me.