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Offering Retreats, for Weekends -three - four and seven days "Embark on a Transformative Healing Journey with Coach Kira - In an amazing Compassionate Retreat. Through attentive listening, Kira customizes a healing process tailored to your emotions and life's challenges. Experience the profound healing by self's learning or by letting her touch of her hands as you find solace, renewal, and inner harmony during your personal appointments."

Self’s Foundation Mastery Experience. She stand at the intersection of personal transformation and spiritual awakening. Coach Kira, in her unickness is dedicated to heal and empowering women of any shades, through tailored life and spiritual coaching and healing services. Understanding, age is just a number and every journey is unique. Her approach involves enlightening courses, one-on-one coaching, Healing Meditations and mental health advocacy. Together we strive to awaken your innate power, helping you to live a more authentic, fulfilled and spirited life. Step into your power with Self’s Foundation Mastery Experience and embrace the transformative journey within, and with the help of your healer Coach Kira in the Retreat.